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Sep 16, 2012 2:45am EDT
that the president, barack obama and michelle obama are in the white house, how could you not recognize how hard and how important it is to work hard to live up to those aspirations? i can see documentary after the gentry, special report after special report ask young people now that you see this first family in the white house will if you think about getting married one day? as if we are so pathological and dysfunctional that it would take the symbolism of a black family in the white house to even have the thought that one might actually decide to marry one day. [applause] as a side note marriage is a declining institution in the world. and yet we, that is, those over african-americans bear the burden of somehow representing the decline of marriage. in 1970 as many of you know, 30% was the then crisis number for the female households, children born to single women. they produced the moynihan report and it continues to shape over the next 40 years of the policies around poverty in this country. the rate of white children born to single women at the time was about 3%. that number has grown tenfol
Sep 9, 2012 7:00pm EDT
mitt romney's background to what he did as a kid chopping off hair. michele obama was a director at the university of chicago medical center. she has left alone with limited resources and limited income. i think that is extremely important especially since health care is a huge issue at the present time. >> well said. >> hello, i am charles smith. let me try and frame my question. you are proposing a number of structural changes. assuming for a second that they did come a question i have is, in a democracy are, essentially the median voter that makes the difference. changing these laws in terms of voting in primaries, regardless, ultimately, it will change the median voter and there is a lot of evidence, like you sided with your example, the commission on the statement. a lot of scientists say that we live on two different universes. it would strike me when you say that we change anything -- that means that we have to change attitudes. but my question is that one issue that i see is fox news. which is a 24/7 propaganda machine. i'm curious about your views in terms of what is inf
Sep 23, 2012 12:00pm EDT
encounter led to headlines in the british tabloids when barack and michele obama visited buckingham palace with a first time in march 2009. at a reception for heads of state attending did g20 summit the queen and circulated informally through the crowd of high-powered gas. as michele and the queen were talking, they turned toward one of her ladies in waiting to show their difference in height. the queen is about 5-foot three or five ft. four. michele, as you know, nearly 6 feet. the first lady put her arm around the queen and responded by lightly in circling machel's waste. the palace videographer told me that they were totally spontaneous gestures. the tabloid it made a fuss about what they called an unthinkable protocol violation by the american first lady. in fact, the queen was completely relaxed about what heard top advisers called for a display of affection and appreciation. elizabeth's day at the kentucky derby was arranged by one of her closest american friends, will ferris, a former ambassador to britain and a fellow in thoroughbred breeder. during her fifth private holiday on his
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3